The Good Deed Dude


June 19, 2002

On the bus coming home from work, I was pressed into service to help a little old lady get aboard. She was using one of those walkers with the wheels and the brake handle thingies, and she was unable to wrangle the thing up the steps. So I lifted the walker up into the bus for her and held it while she slowly climbed the stairs, reclaiming it once she was fully aboard. She sat next to me and thanked me several times.

When it came time for her to get off, I helped her with the same procedure, only in reverse. I got off first and carried the walker down to the sidewalk while she gingerly descended the steps. Reunited with her walker on the sidewalk she thanked me again (for the fourth time) and added “bless your heart and socks”, this benediction accompanied by a little laugh. I wished her a good day and hopped back on the bus.

For the rest of the journey home I was Sir James of the Bless-ed Socks.

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