Mar 222011

Did you survive another St. Patrick’s Day? Me, I didn’t partake in the revelry, although while sitting at home I did enjoy a nice pint of Guinness—possibly two—which I poured and imbibed with extra mindfulness; St. Patrick’s Day of course being an occasion for those of us with Irish heritage to reflect upon our history and where we came from. share: Recommend on Facebook Share [continue…]

Mar 152011

Okay, I know it’s already mid-March, so it may seem a little late to be posting the third and final instalment of my 2010 year-end best-of music list—more like the idleness of March than the ides of March. However, I have been a little preoccupied with other things, like trying to find a job. But since I’ve posted the first two parts already, I just [continue…]

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